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Businesses That are MADE for Social Media

There are businesses that certainly do better on social media than their competitors do. In my opinion, this is so not because they have more budget on social media but because of such businesses’ products are simply easier to become much more popular through social media. Let’s see some numbers first: Starbucks has 16.1 millions of followers […]

Kuri – a cute Robot with personality

This product called Kuri is the first generation robot of a start-up company called Mayfield Robotics, Kuri is a very adorable robot with emotion and personality, which you can buy for your home as an appliance or a “pet”. This is what it looks like when it sleep, also known as charging: A pet This is […]

The Wechat unversie

Wechat, the most popular App in China, AKA: Chinese “App for Everything” because of its multi-functions and platforms. The picture under is a chart of different popular mobile messenger App’s monthly active user in Jan 2018. Wechat has the monthly active user of 980 million which is higher than Skype and Snapchat, but lower than Facebook. […]

Initial thoughts.

In the first week’s class, I was a little intimidated by the different deliverables and the format of this class, even though professor trying to make clear what we are going to do in this class, I still confused about the format and how the grading system works. I am a Master of accounting student […]


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