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sillhill77 signing off

As I’ve gone through the semester I have realized how dependent not only my life, but much of the world, is on social media and technology. Whether it’s for news updates (so current they may not even be true…Las Vegas) or contacting loved ones in a moment of tragedy as we saw with the hurricanes, social media […]

Don’t fall victim to phishing scams

As more people share more information online the risks of falling victim to phishing schemes has become more and more dangerous especially as these tactics become more advanced. A phishing is defined as “the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details, often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a […]

The Story of Selfies

This week in class we talked about the rise in selfies and “safe selfie spaces” such as the Ice Cream Museum mentioned in @kaitlinardiff‘s blog post. I decided to dig a little deeper into selfies and how these life threatening pictures began. But first let me take a selfie Portraits have been around for generations. […]

Examining Wikipedia

A website that has always fascinated—from a contributors and content prospective to a revenue prospective is Wikipedia. A wiki, a website that allows collaborative content of its content and its structure by its users, first was started in the 1990’s. What made wiki’s unique was in part the way the website was written—if regular users […]

Goodbye Grocery Stores?

Clearly after reading all of the ISYS6621 blog posts and from the popularity surrounding snack time, our class loves food. One common trend that I’ve noticed is increasing in popularity is the meal kit delivery services such as Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. I remember first hearing about these and thinking how genius it was—it […]

the increase in impulse buys

Living on campus, I’ve made many trips to the mail room in my first few weeks back at BC. It’s amazing how many boxes are back there and the main reason for this…is online shopping. Especially on a college campus, where so many students don’t have access to cars, students rely heavily on Amazon among […]

Started as sillhill77

I guess you could say I’ve had an “online presence” for awhile… after I grew out of using paint on the old dial up desktop computer my family had, I became an avid AIMer. That was my first experience of “virtual communication” and being able to create groups (I believe they were called “chat rooms”) […]

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