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The End to a Wonderful Journey

On the first day of class, I sat in my seat overwhelmed by the number of tasks we had to do for this course. Few months later, I am sitting here questioning myself and trying to remember how fast these past few months flew by. Throughout these couple of weeks I had learnt so much. […]

“Share The Meal” with Those in Need

The Syrian Crisis that began in year 2011 has been going on for a couple of years now. Due to the war, millions of Syrian people have been displaced and a million others have fled their hometowns to get to other countries around the world. These people have left in search of a better life […]

Will We All Become Essena O’neill One Day ?

Few days ago, I woke up to one story that filled my newsfeed. All my friends on Facebook and my followers on Twitter were sharing a story that had gone viral. The story of Essena O’Neill; That 18-year-old girl and the famous Instagram star. Essena decided to quit Instagram few days ago after having relied […]

“Hello” you are so Real !!

As we look back in time, we notice that amongst all the information circulated over the Internet only few posts, pictures, and songs were selected by the audience to spread so quickly and widely around. Just like the famous Harlem shake, and the JSK Wedding video, this week there was one song the whole world […]

Humanity Washed Ashore: Alan Kurdi’s Story that Shook the World

On September.2, 2015 I woke up to an image that made it to global headlines. I checked Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and all I saw everywhere, was a picture of a young boy lying lifeless and peacefully on the beach. I wished the boy was asleep and thought to myself: “That was the cutest thing […]

We are all Humans of New York !

In summer 2010, Brandon Stanton lost his job in Chicago and flew to the big apple. He grabbed his camera and wandered the streets of New York City lost, confused and aimless until an idea hit him. He wanted to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers to plot their photos on the map. Few months later, he […]


Few years ago we used to sit in classes where no mobiles and laptops were allowed. As students, we were only supposed to sit behind our desks with a pen and a paper in our hands, isolated from all what is happening outside the walls of our classrooms. Today, few years later we sit in […]