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IS6621: Endgame

I remember a month ago I was counting down the days left before I went to watch Avengers: Endgame. Well that was fun and all but as I was looking at the week ahead on Sunday, it hit me that this semester absolutely flew by. Is this really the end, or just the beginning of […]

Is Loyalty still a thing?

Loyalty programs have been around for quite some time. Credit card points have been one of the most effective loyalty programs around. I personally love Chase Reserve given that I earn 3x points for payments on food and travel. Those points are then worth 1.5x if I buy flights or use them to purchase at […]

Yelp – Do you trust it?

Back in the day (I’m not that old), you would try a restaurant, the food would disappoint and you would’ve wasted your time. If the food was good then you made the right choice and got your money’s worth. If your friends and family checked it out as well you may have had conversations about […]

Content Marketing – What gets your attention?

As you read through this blog today, ask yourself this: What type of material/content usually sparks my interest in a particular product or service? I mentioned in a previous post that on a daily basis I help my customers with their marketing and sales strategy. As our society adapts to the technology advancements and transformations […]

Snapchat or Instagram to help your business grow?

I was a chronic Snapchat user for the longest time until the company made the awful (subjective) update to the app back in 2018 that changed the way users viewed their friends’ stories and discovered new content. I totally get that they wanted to improve the design and make it easier for users, but there […]

What should I expect??

I went to BC for my undergrad and have probably walked into Stokes twice before I graduated in 2014. Despite getting lost in Stokes for 10 minutes, I’m glad I stuck around for the next two hours. My first thoughts as I was walking to class was, “Where am I” and “Is this really the […]