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From Beginning to End: My Social Media Experience

Before taking this class my use of social media was dwindling. Besides Instagram, I rarely used any other form of SM regardless of the purpose. This class not only reinvigorated my use of social media, but it allowed me to look at SM from a totally different perspective. Reflecting back on my post regarding initial thoughts on […]

How Target is Planning to Dominate the Holiday Season

Target is juicing up their social media campaign just in time for the holidays, using Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to capitalize on this shopping frenzy. Just to show how dedicated they are to social, Target has increased social media marketing spending by 30% for the holiday season. Colleen McDuffe, senior director of social media at […]

The Role Social Media Amidst a Catastrophe

First off, I would like to say that my prayers are with the people of Paris and France during these horrific times. In wake of the attacks that occurred in Paris, people from all different countries took to social media for timely and accurate information. I am going to examine the roles Facebook and Twitter played […]

The Power of the Swoosh

Across the entire world, people recognize this symbol. The Nike Swoosh. According to millennials, Nike is the top apparel brand in the world. Additionally, Nike owns the #3 and #7 apparel brands for millennials with Jordan and Converse respectively. Nike is the 18th most valuable brand, worth over $80 Billion. The company prides themselves on their […]

How to Land or Lose a Job Through Social Media

Due to the prevalence of social media, companies and universities are starting to research potential candidates through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites. A costly picture or post found by a boss could hurt your chances at receiving a job or cause you to lose an existing job. Trying to identify inappropriate material by […]

The World of Male Professional Sports Through the Eye of Women

  The past year we have seen incredible strides by women in men’s professional sports. We witnessed the first female referee in the NFL, the first female NBA and NFL coach, and the first D-League female head coach. I always knew that entering the male sports industry was difficult for women, but I never thought people would […]

And the winner is…Analyzing the GOP debate through social media

Last Wednesday, 11 Republicans took the stage to duke it out for political supremacy and win the hearts of their fellow Americans. If you are like me, you conveniently missed the debate but would still like to know how the competitors stacked up. There are plenty of reporters and politicians who have their own opinion […]

Initial Thoughts on Social Media

Unknowingly, we have all become addicted to social media. Even during my own daily routine, social media plays an integral role in providing a constant stream of information to “connect” me with the world. When I wake up in the morning, before brushing my teeth, showering, or eating, I check my Instagram (@mcguirk_h) to ensure I […]

Test Post for #IS6621