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The End

Throughout the class we’ve learned about social media’s seemingly limitless capabilities and reach. Social media has grown from a simple space where people play on their virtual farms to an inseparable part of our daily lives. This year alone, politicians are expected to spend upwards of $1 billion dollars online ads with social media sites […]


Recently my good friend Danny decided that he wanted to travel to Columbia and provide medical care to the impoverished, underserved communities. In order to get the proper resources to make it to Columbia, Danny has decided to use a crowdfunding service to support his goal (don’t worry, I won’t be soliciting you for donations […]

Personal Branding

What is your “personal brand”? What are you telling the world about yourself via social media? Does that image align with how you want to be perceived? When most of us think of brands, we think of flashy logos, annoying advertisements and faceless corporations. We love some brands and hate others. The reason we choose […]

Sign in for Depression

Social media has afforded us the ability to spend hours of our time looking at friends’ vacations, birthdays, weddings, and a variety of other momentous occasions. In effect we’re looking at peoples’ ‘highlight reels’. Sadly many people make the mistake of comparing their everyday lives to other’s highlights reels leading to jealousy, envy and even […]

Wearing Social Media

Wearable technology is a remarkably fast growing and game-changing trend. According to PwC’s The Wearable Future report released in 2014, 1 in 5 Americans has a piece of wearable technology. There are a wide variety of wearable technologies, the most popular being smart watches. Other pieces of wearable tech include fitness trackers and augmented reality lenses […]

How much would you pay for the universe?

“Man in his quest for knowledge and progress is determined and cannot be deterred.” These words were spoken by John F. Kennedy in his famous “We choose to go to the moon” speech. His speech was meant to persuade the American people to support the national effort to land a man on the Moon and […]

Social Television: Starring You

Television has entered a new era due in large part to the interaction between television programs and social media. Thanks to Twitter, fans are able to have a real time ongoing dialogue as a show is being broadcast. Mobile technologies allow for these interactions to occur anytime, anywhere, regardless of television air times, resulting in […]

US Politics and Social Media

Much like all other segments of society, politicians have adopted and leveraged social media. This trend has extended all the way to the leader of the free world, President Obama. Currently, President Obama has 63.9 million followers on Twitter along with 44.5 million likes on his Facebook page. During the 2008 Presidential election, President Obama […]