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Summer is Coming

Wow. I think we should all take a moment to bask in the glory of making it to the end of the semester. A feat that always deserves a pat on the back. And thanks to the weekly surveys (which I was always forgetting to do, and constantly losing the scrap paper I wrote my […]

Heyyy Welcome Back To My Podcast

My roommate and I are what you call “attached at the hip.”And as best friends go, we have a pretty good banter. Our friends joke that they love to just listen to the two of us argue and go back and forth. For a while we have had this running joke that Kelsey and I […]

On the Rise: TikTok

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are back once again with another installment of “Everybody’s a Creator.” This week we are tackling an up and coming group of influencers, that some are arguing are the next powerhouse social media celebrities. This group is interesting because as much as I hope to educate you in this blog, I […]

Welcome to the Underground: The Rise of SoundCloud Rappers

A group of young men have burst on to the music scene: characterized by face tattoos galore, rainbow-colored hair, flashy clothing (“high-end streetwear meets high fashion”), and a statistically significant occurrence of the word “Lil” in their stage names. What is the unifying force behind this rag-tag group of young musicians: SoundCloud. ** Disclaimer: this […]

suddenly everybody’s a creator…

What happened to the good ole days when everybody was simply a critic? It is a tradition as old as time: giving your opinion, whether or not anybody asked for it. Places like yelp, trip advisor, and especially the review/comment section of any website, are magical places where regular people can scream from the metaphorical […]

Welcome to my Ted Talk: IS66—2nd times a charm

Funny story about #IS662. I’ve taken this class before. I mean I quite literally registered, sat through the entire first two-and-a-half-hour lecture, made a twitter, and even ate the TAs’ first day of class snacks. The following afternoon I dropped the class. But let’s rewind for a second. I’d like to offer my first impressions […]