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Art and technology of photography

These smartphone cameras are getting ridiculous It seems that we have reached a tipping point for mobile photography. With new flagship devices such as the iPhone X, the Pixel 2 XL and the Galaxy S9, it seems that our phones can finally replace our cameras. For the past decade the camera wars has always been […]

Can social media be a medium for performance art?

In 2016, the Tate Modern in London, one of the most significant art galleries in the world, did an exhibition called “Performing for the Camera.” Examining the interconnectedness of performance art and photography, the exhibition was carefully curated with photography from the Victorian age to current day. Perhaps the most interesting inclusion to the exhibit […]

Welcome to the Meme Economy!

It’s time to start investing in some dank memes. For those who don’t know, memes are those dumb images/gifs, often with accompanied text, that still somehow make us laugh. The memes that I will be talking about emerge on the internet and are spread virally throughout social media. Examples can include Doge and Harambe the […]

Why did Facebook buy Oculus in 2014?

Those who have tried virtual reality (VR) attest to the intense immersive experience the technology offers. Products such as the Oculus Rift headset and the HTC Vive have excited game developer as they open new possibilities to how video games can be played. Last summer I experienced VR via an Oculus Rift at a friend’s […]

“He’s gonna try to scare you”: Initial Expectations

“He’s gonna try to scare you on the first day” – that’s what an alumnus of Prof Kane’s Social Media class told me when he saw that I had signed up for the class. He tells me that Prof Kane is going to try to get as many people to drop the class as possible […]