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“It takes forever to say goodbye…

FALSE. It takes exactly 0.978 seconds to say goodbye.” – Dwight Schrute. But actually, if we consider this last blog post as a sort of goodbye, it definitely took longer than that. As I start to reflect back on my time in this class, I’m excited about what I learned but definitely sad that it […]

Happy Belated Earth Day!

As technology rapidly takes over our world, the influence and funds of the big companies continue to grow faster than we can even process. With that much power, the leaders of these companies have opportunities to tackle the biggest concerns facing our communities, such as Climate Change. After all, sustainable energy has been a hot […]

Lets Talk About It

Chatbots. We’ve all heard about them and most likely interacted with some in the past. Seems like nothing new then right? But actually, there’s plenty of new news. Because once everyone starts using something, companies have to find a way to make their use of it stand out. Businesses push each other to constantly improve […]

Speedy Travel

In 2016, an average of 10.4 million people flowed through worldwide airports every day. Out of that number, I wonder how many miss their flights because they didn’t make it through security in time. Perhaps not a majority but to the few that it does happen, the feeling is not pleasant. Personally, I can remember […]

The beauty industry gets a makeover

Just like in other industries, technology is continuously changing how the user is incorporated into the beauty product shopping experience. The combination of technology, data, and beauty products have created a new level of personalization. When I started looking into this topic, I discovered there is a range of technology that has already changed the […]

YouTube: You Alright?

“There’s no denying 2017 was a difficult year” – Paul Muret, VP, Display, Video & Analytics For the past couple of years, YouTube has been able to grow a profitable and engaging business model within the video blogging world but its growth has also brought with it new challenges. The controversies of 2017 created significant […]

I hate how much I love you, Social Media

Social media and I have been close friends for many years now and we go back and forth between love and hate. At times, I really appreciate the ability to reach for my phone to browse through Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I’m a huge sucker for memes and I spend more time laughing at memes […]