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My last two cents

Prior to this semester, social media was a way for me to keep up with friends. I literally only used Facebook to “like” friends photos and to see what exotic vacations they were taking  (aka stalking peers to a certain extent). Now, I feel empowered by Twitter’s news function and love the idea of encapsulating […]

#BigData #Hireme

Big data is shedding light into hiring practices for companies. Research is beginning to show that the quality of a supervisor is more important compared to the experience and individual attributes of workers within a business. In the past, employers tried not to hire candidates that had been unemployed for a while, or those who’d jump from […]

What are Your Fake Twitter Followers Worth?

Companies use Twitter for a variety of things. They use it for branding, news updates, sending out brief messages, micro blogging, and much more. Recently though, a new business has evolved out of Twitter: creating fake Twitter followers and selling them for money. This semester, we’ve spoken a lot about ‘catfishing,’ but we haven’t discussed […]

Everyone say Cheese…. 1, 2, 3….

Posing for pictures can be a painful. The lightening, the smiles, the eyes- usually half opened half closed. The perfect picture is hard to create and capture. This has become easier with new waves of phone applications, like Instagram, but what if you just wanted to capture everyday, ordinary moments? This is the exact issue […]

Fashion Forward

Fashion shows are exclusive to say the least. You have to be rich, famous, or a pretty darn good designer to be in attendance at any worthy fashion week show, as these events are not open to the public. The conventional wisdom that once closed its doors to aspiring designers and customers, is now encouraging […]

I’d like the exit seat, 7A, next to the chef and the male model…

I travel a lot for work, specifically from Boston to Oregon. When I am lucky, my company allows me to fly direct (a 6 hour trip). I always aim to have an aisle seat because I am a “plane walker” and can’t sit still for the whole flight. On my latest trip to Oregon, I […]

Ask the Audience

What are companies doing differently today in order to come up with new ideas and create products? Companies that successfully want to innovate are turning to the most important person in any transaction: the consumer. The consumer can now contribute to the conversation between a company and its business development team, through social media platforms, […]

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