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One Weird Trick

Imagine Don Draper sitting back in his chair, looking out over Madison Avenue. His team of copywriters sit behind him, awaiting his next iconic ad idea. “It’s a medium-sized square. Inside it a squiggle of a woman. One where she’s clutching her belly fat and looking down at it in distress. Some copy above it […]

Jazz People Are Nicer

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the web you know one unassailable fact: People online…they suck. Thanks to a false sense of anonymity, a psychologically unhealthy amount of content, and the crushing feeling that you’re not good enough, people on the internet tend to be, how do I put this, “not nice.” This […]

Publish or Perish

One day, many years ago, I was in my dad’s home office. As he turned his computer chair to face me I could see that he was visiting Twitter dot com. He was on what appeared to be his profile page. His profile picture was the default Twitter egg, he had zero tweets, and the […]