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No more classes, but we still got class

“Hopefully, I learn how to utilize social media for successful digital business from this class and help out my best friend for life in the near future.” This is literally what I said at the end of my first blog post. As it says, my initial expectation of this class was to (embrace) SOCIAL MEDIA […]

Be Real You. Can You?

We are living in the world where many of us start and finish a day by checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other blogs. It may sound like hyperbole, but some people seem like treating social media more important than money in their wallets. Why spending an hour on social media feels like a minute? […]

Who is Viewing Your Facebook Page?

Have you wondered how does Facebook determine which friends show up in the chat sidebar? I bet all of you have experiences with to see friends that you interacted a lot not appearing on the list while others that you rarely talk with (since you’ve met that person only once but added his/her Facebook anyways) […]

Do You Know “Mukbang”?

               Mukbang is a shortened Korean word for “eating broadcasts.” In South Korea, the combination of ‘cook’ and ‘food’ has been one of the most popular contents in various broadcasting platforms. Recent TV programs present famous celebrities running restaurants in vacation spots (look up “Youn’s Kitchen” or Kang’s Kitchen”) […]

Say No to Witch hunt/Cyberbullying

               Throughout the world, social network service users are consistently growing in both individual (consumer) and business sides. As a result, cyber-community has become the newest form of the world we are living in. There are even classes on “social media and digital businesses” to help us learning more about it. People constantly updates their […]

Fly “Falcon Heavy” Fly

Getting ready to write my second blog post, to be honest, I still had hard time figuring out which topic I should write on. Yes, I definitely thought of talking about Super Bowl 52 after the Philadelphia Eagles’ historic first Super Bowl win on Sunday. I also had a small house party with my friends […]

Go with the Flow

My first “social media” experience goes back to early 2000’s when I was in elementary school in SOUTH Korea. The platform was called “Say Club” where I could chat, send messages, and play online games with my friends and even strangers. It was interesting, though, when I figured out that teenagers in different city in […]

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