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A Look Back, A Look Forward

Do you ever read something you wrote a while ago and feel somewhat surprised by the words?  Almost like someone else wrote them instead of you, despite irrefutable truth of the contrary?  Well, like many of you, I decided to begin the thought-process of my final reflections by looking back at my first blog post.  […]

Meet the New YouTube Comments, Same as the Old YouTube Comments

If you happened to be perusing YouTube over the last few weeks, you may have noticed some changes a short scroll down from your video.  In an effort to clean up one of the most notoriously offensive places on the web, Google decided to fully integrate Google+ into the YouTube comment system.  Users must now […]

Social Media Sans Frontières

If you remember from the “Familiar Faces” portion of my presentation two classes ago, where I showed already-popular sites that can be used in new ways towards learning a language, you may recall that Facebook was conspicuously absent. Despite Facebook’s international presence, this snub was completely intentional.  I felt that, at least initially, using Facebook […]

Sockpuppets, Sockpuppets Everywhere

Why, mother, why did you have to go? I have never forgiven you, never, and I never will. Calyin is wed. Valam is in the south. Midori went away, never to return. And you, you are…gone. The above quote is from the novel Keeper Martin’s Tale by Robert Stanek, part of his “epic” fantasy saga […]

The Ethics of Adblock

After reading Michael’s blog post last week about the lucrative business of social media spamming, I became interested in what type of online activity drove this high amount of spending.  In essence, what were the returns that justified it?  Additionally, I wondered what type of person would click on ads/links in the first place, for […]

Socially Responsible with Social Media

One of the biggest problems many have with the stakeholder theory, the idea that a company should aim to add some social value to society, is that it tries to accomplish too much at once.  A business that attempts to generate profits while also doing good deeds often finds itself performing subpar at both.  When […]

Social Media: Chicken or the Egg?

It’s Not Disappearing: I remember once reading an article boldly stating that if your job title contained “Social Media” in it, you wouldn’t have that job in five years.  Once upon a time, I would have believed that sentiment.  Nowadays, however, I would tend to disagree.  Every time Social Media seems to be on the […]