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#IS6621 Reflection: 3 Big Takeaways

I can’t believe it’s already the time to wrap things up for both this course and my undergraduate time at BC. Similar to many seniors who took this course, I consider #IS6621 as one of the most unconventional courses that I’ve taken at BC. I initially took the course as a good ISYS elective that […]

Lethal AI robots could have come true sooner than we thought

*Note: This is not my final reflection blog post; but you can still read & comment! AI was one of the biggest topics we discussed in class, and there has been a constant debate between the pros and cons of AI in the future. Inventions ranging from autonomous vehicles to facial recognition will be possible […]

New Era of Food: Will you eat these?

During the past semester, we covered many topics that go beyond the course’s title Social Media & Digital Business. We learned about concepts ranging from legality in social media to blockchain and spent a chunk of time talking about how tech will shape our living in the near future (especially about autonomous vehicles). What interests me the most […]

Lucidchart: A magic tool for wire framing &diagramming

Currently, we have access to numerous applications and programs for our studies or works. To name a few, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint are the main ones that we are familiar with. Without a doubt, these applications are incredible tools that we use to perform countless tasks ranging from writing an essay to […]

#MeToo: Why a Lawsuit is not a Cure-All for Sexual Assault

I am sure that many of you have heard of #MeToo either on social media or news these days. Essentially, #MeToo movement began with a tweet from actress Alyssa Milano in October 2017 in response to many sexual assault allegations made against film producer Harvey Weinstein. Within a day, #MeToo was tweeted about 500,000 times […]

“Don’t buy our brand new clothes; buy your neighbors’ old ones…” What?

As I read the sentence “while individuals have traditionally often seen ownership as the most desirable way to have access to products, increasing number of consumers are paying to temporarily access or share products and services rather than buy or own them” from last week’s reading (Adopting to the Sharing Economy, MIT Sloan Review 2015), I […]

Ripple Recap: Ripple vs. Other Cryptos and Its Financial Outlook

On January 31, 2018, or the day of my presentation on Ripple in #IS6621, Ripple (XRP)’s price was at $1.16. During my presentation, I gave an overview of how Ripple functions, its pros and cons, and its role as a bridge between cryptocurrency and financial institutions. I also remember indirectly touting ripple as one of […]

ISYS6621: Challenge Accepted!

Seeing a variety of students from diverse backgrounds on the first day of class – juniors, seniors, and even MBA students that I did not expect to take a class with – I wondered why everyone decided to take this two-and-a-half-hour-long course on a Wednesday night. Me during the first hour of class My reason […]

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