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I Hate Goodbyes

The time has come for my last blog post.  It is a refreshing and somewhat saddening feeling.  I am glad to be one step closer to completing my MBA, but I will miss the rich discussions that were brought up in class, tweets, and blogposts.  I will also miss the various snacks that were available […]

Finals Ruined My Discover Weekly Playlist

Every semester before midterms and finals, I find myself spending hours upon hours re-reading course materials, studying, and writing papers.  To keep myself focused, I listen to my Spotify “Reading” playlist.  My “Reading” playlist is the third playlist that I created on Spotify (The first being “EDM” and the second being “Oldies Ballads”, don’t judge).  […]

The Other Side of the Internet, The Dark Web

I was listening to a Reply All podcast the other day and part of the conversation touched upon the Dark Web.  Yes, I am an avid podcast listener, and yes I am guilty of speaking too much about podcast content in casual conversation.  If you are not listening to podcasts, I strongly advise you too.  […]

Students and Social Media: A Blog Post Created by Your Feedback

Relief hits me when I return to my seat after my presentation.  I am glad that is over and that I was able to share my knowledge of education and social media with my classmates.   While sitting in my seat, I am surprised about how quickly the five minutes went by and I regretted that […]

VR Therapy

My experience with virtual reality is very limited.  My brother switched from the Apple IPhone to the Samsung Galaxy in early December.  He did not particularly like Samsung or dislike Apple.  He just switched because Samsung would provide a free VR headset if he chose to switch smart phones.  When I visited my brother forChristmas, […]

The Lucrative Art of Fake-News

I admit that I have been duped by fake news.  During the election, my friends shared a meme on Facebook that quoted Donald Trump in People magazine stating that if he were to run for president he would run as a republican because they are the dumbest group of voters in the country.  Since I […]

From AIM to Now

My thoughts and feelings towards social media have changed throughout my life.  I clearly remember the first time I engaged in an early form of social media/networking.  It was 1998, I was 11 years old entering the 6th grade.  On the first day of school, my friends could not stop talking about AOL Instant Messenger […]