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A Spell Check For Your Speech

How do you promote free speech on the web? According to executive chairman of Google, you develop technologies that give it limits.

How Social Media Can Kill Your Liberal Arts Education

I post, therefore I am. As businesses new and old turn to social media to restructure how they market themselves, other types of institutions are making a similar push—our university included.

The Misappropriation of ‘Disruption’

Can you “disrupt” ISIS? Well, Hillary Clinton suggested Silicon Valley do just that this week.

A Bad Week For Net Neutrality (And How The Markets Can Fix This)

It’s been a bad week for “net neutrality,” and more broadly, the future of the open web.

Why Your Organization Might Not Be Ready For The Big Data Revolution

The threat of this new wave of analytics technology—which many are declaring the “Big Data revolution”—is that accurate business insights don’t necessarily change the way decisions are made in a large organization.

Standing Desks: The Niche Product That Should Be Every Manager’s Priority

Sitting is bad—and especially bad for managers. Recent research found that not moving around enough during the day can significantly increase your risk of cancer, diabetes, fatty liver syndrome, and cardiovascular disease.

This Time, The Revolution Will Be Televised

Ten year ago, the storm would have been it. It would have come, the scene would have been shut down, and headliner Lorde would have just packed up and called it a night.