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How I was fined $500 for sipping water in the subway

I grew up moving to a different country every two years, but no experience stands out more drastically than my time living in Singapore. On my first week, I remember I was taking a subway from my house to the financial district downtown. Casually, I took a sip out of the bottle of water I […]

The creepy features on your smartphone

Over the summer, my friend showed me a feature on the iPhone that genuinely appalled me. Without my knowledge of explicit consent, my phone was keeping track of every bar, restaurant, building, and house I was going to—and it recorded precisely at time I entered and for how long I stayed. For those who don’t […]

The Imitation Game: Who copied who?

My great grandfather sold steel and metal supplies to Samsung when it first started building its factories in South Korea. Lee Byung-chul, the founder of Samsung, apparently did not even have the means to pay for the raw materials, and instead offered my great grandfather the option to become a major shareholder. But a visit […]

Should you trust a robot with your life savings?

The thought that robots may replace millions of humans in the workforce is far from revolutionary, and one I certainly did not concern myself with on a regular basis. I understood that there was a countless number of tasks that artificial intelligence would always be better at doing than any human—that is precisely the reason […]

How two years in the army made me a social media amateur

Beginning August 18th 2014, I took two years away from social media. Not because I grew tired of it, but because that was my conscription date for South Korean army, where we were granted zero access to personal phones. When I was promoted to corporal, they finally installed one computer per every two platoons. But […]

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