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Why I was forced to binge watch movies

Early in the semester, I discussed how two years in the army without access to the internet made me a social media amateur. I was hopelessly lost when it came to figuring out the new features on each platform, and very confused as to why Vine had suddenly gone under—it was such a hot app […]

Would you eat this 3D printed spaghetti?

A couple weeks back, I was shocked when I learned of the rapid advancement and application of additive printing. To my surprise, it had already developed the ability to combine various materials and manufacture complex products in one run. Take a pair of sunglasses for example—without the need to mold and assemble separate pieces, 3D […]

How I was fined $500 for sipping water in the subway

I grew up moving to a different country every two years, but no experience stands out more drastically than my time living in Singapore. On my first week, I remember I was taking a subway from my house to the financial district downtown. Casually, I took a sip out of the bottle of water I […]

The creepy features on your smartphone

Over the summer, my friend showed me a feature on the iPhone that genuinely appalled me. Without my knowledge of explicit consent, my phone was keeping track of every bar, restaurant, building, and house I was going to—and it recorded precisely at time I entered and for how long I stayed. For those who don’t […]

The Imitation Game: Who copied who?

My great grandfather sold steel and metal supplies to Samsung when it first started building its factories in South Korea. Lee Byung-chul, the founder of Samsung, apparently did not even have the means to pay for the raw materials, and instead offered my great grandfather the option to become a major shareholder. But a visit […]

Should you trust a robot with your life savings?

The thought that robots may replace millions of humans in the workforce is far from revolutionary, and one I certainly did not concern myself with on a regular basis. I understood that there was a countless number of tasks that artificial intelligence would always be better at doing than any human—that is precisely the reason […]

How two years in the army made me a social media amateur

Beginning August 18th 2014, I took two years away from social media. Not because I grew tired of it, but because that was my conscription date for South Korean army, where we were granted zero access to personal phones. When I was promoted to corporal, they finally installed one computer per every two platoons. But […]

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