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The End.

So that’s it. A great semester over. While I am sad about this class ending, my emotions are more with the fact that in less than three weeks I will be a college graduate. WHAAAATT. How did that happen? I think back to four years ago when I had just found out I got into […]

Social Media and The Foster Care System

  I am one to admit that I spend my days looking up pictures of available dogs at the local animal shelter. It is great as you get all the information about the dog that you would have gotten if you actually went into the shelter. These sites such as pet finder tells you the […]

You can now send drinks over the internet

Yup, you read that title right. You can now send drinks over the internet from one user to another. When I saw a video of this technology on Facebook, I did not believe it. I thought it was an early April Fools day prank or some weird fake news article. So I did what anyone in […]

How Social Media Ruined TV Shows for ME

I hardly ever watch shows on the actual Television anymore. Between hating commercials and being busy when the shows are actual on, it is just easier to watch these shows the next day online. Most of these shows are posted on each channel’s website within a few hours. As long as you have a cable […]

The Fashion World Reinvented

Even though I focused on New York Fashion Week being impacted by social media, the entire fashion industry has been affected by this new trend. So while fashion companies of all different styles have been selling their clothing for sometime now, they have recently started to use social media and their online presence to capitalize […]

Super Bowl Ads- Are they worth the price?

The Super Bowl isn’t just known for the actual game, great food and extravagant half time show. Everyone knows that the advertisements in between portions of the game are just as anticipated as the actual game. Weeks leading up to the super bowl people always question which companies will shell out the most money for […]

Social Media Intentions- The Fear Of Missing Out

My Facebook account has been around since 2007, wrote my first tweet in 2008, created my first Instagram account in 2012 and sent my first snap in 2013. There was one motive behind all of these actions. I did not want to miss out. My friends were on all of these social media platforms. I […]