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Loving Social Media

Well, I suppose it’s finally that time! This will be a bit of an abridged final post, as this is technically my 8th time blogging. I messed with the system just a little bit last week when I blogged out of order with a post about Shared Media and Vivoom. Now, allow me to take […]

Brand Safety And The Brave New World Of Shared Media

If you’ve ever taken an intro-level Mass Communication course (I know I have!), you’ve probably sat through at least one lecture about the three forms of media: paid, earned, and owned. I could go into detail about each one, but this chart does a pretty good job of quickly breaking things down: Pretty straightforward, right? […]

Digital Content, Real Laughter: Lessons Learned at a College Humor Conference

A few weeks ago, eight of my fellow New England Classic writers and I took a trip down to Princeton University for the National Intercollegiate Humor Conference. Organized by the university’s own Princeton Tiger humor magazine, the conference has been held annually for the past five years. However, this year marked the first time that the Classic made the long drive […]

Virtual Reality Experiences: More Than Just Fun And Games

I’ve been a longtime fanboy of virtual reality ever since the Oculus Rift Kickstarter made headlines in 2012. The success of that campaign, and the massive storm of positive PR that followed, has generated a previously unthinkable level of mainstream interest in the technology. Yes, Time Magazine’s now-notorious 2015 cover featuring Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey was undoubtedly […]

The Real Life Power of Facebook Events

I saw John Carpenter’s The Thing on Thursday, March 2nd at the Museum of Fine Arts. I had only heard about the film before and had never before seen a movie at the MFA, but at some point during the last week of February I had seen the MFA’s event pop up on my Facebook newsfeed. I’m sure […]

When Social Media Influencers Go From “Just Kidding” To Just Racist

The results are in: not even the world’s most popular Youtuber is impervious to the consequences one should face for espousing antisemitism. Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie to his 53 million videogame-loving Youtube subscribers, made headlines last month for uploading a video called “Death To All Jews.” In the now-removed video, Kjellberg filmed his reaction to […]

My Secret Life As A Wikipedia Troll

I have a confession to make to all of you: In my past life, I was a Wikipedia troll. Yes I know, this all probably comes as a bit of a shock, but please let me explain. In our recent class discussion on trolling, we mostly focused on major social media and message board platforms—Twitter, […]