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The End is Just the Beginning: Final Thoughts on Social Media

As was the case for many, when I first signed up for a Social Media for Management I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I was excited to take advantage of what sounded like a very unique and relevant course.  There is so much more to learn and keep up with in the constantly […]

Presidential Hopefuls & Social Media

The upcoming 2016 presidential race is undoubtedly going to be the most social media entrenched race to date.  In just three short years since President Obama’s last run in 2012: Facebook has added 300+ million monthly active users Youtube watchers now view ‘hundreds of millions‘ of hours of video per day Snapchat’s valuation has gone […]

Facebook and

Constant, significant innovation is certainly a key component in the never ending efforts of large tech companies to stay relevant.  Facebook in particular has been in the news a lot recently, dipping their multi-billion dollar toes into every possible puddle, from “Businesses on Messenger” e-commerce prospects to Internet of Things discussions at their recent F8 […]

Death-Defying Social Media – Practical or Just Plain Creepy?

As social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter begin to age (I know 2004 and 2006 are not so long ago, but in a time of innovation where new apps and sites are created daily, they are technological grandparents), so do the billions of people who use them.  As a result, new questions are increasingly […]

How Dove Does Social Right

All too often, the most talked about corporate social media efforts are those that are infamous epic fails.  Of course, it is human nature to bring up these controversial miscues – our minds are overwhelmed with how blatantly some of the world’s top brands could ever make such mistakes.  This emotional provocation (whether positive or […]

Social Media in Emerging Markets: A Wave Worth Riding

It is no secret that the large majority of individuals in the United States either produce or consume social media (and in many cases do both).  The proliferation of social networks is staggering, as is the amount of time spent on them.  According to the CEO of Forrester Research, Americans are spending more time on […]

Initial Expectations for Social Media

I did not really have much of a social media presence prior to coming to Boston College.  I did use Facebook at a minimal level, but other than that, nothing.  Fast forward three years: Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Blogger, WordPress,, Whatsapp, Google+, and Viber.  My new mix of social media exploits serves as a […]

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