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Dream a Little Dream of…Deep Learning?

United thematically by seemingly infinite dimensions, formless creatures, and figures melting at the seams, the works of Salvador Dali are perhaps best described as hallucinatory snapshots. Dali, enigmatic in death as in life, possessed a distinct creative genius and painting style that captured the thin line between reality and fantasy While the sources of Dali’s […]

Digital Killed the Biblical Star?

In 1992, Pope John Paul II  formally acknowledged the Catholic Church’s error in condemning Galileo Galilei and his work in support of Copernican heliocentrism. After 350 years, the rectification nullified one of history’s most powerful examples of the presupposed tensions between faith and science. While the affirmation of Galileo arguably came much too late, its […]

The Hype Men (and Women) of Silicon Valley

On September 8, 2013, the Wall Street Journal published one of the first national press profiles of the now infamous Elizabeth Holmes. Written by Pulitzer Prize winner Joseph Rago, the article referred to Holmes’s company, Theranos, as a “breakthrough of instant diagnosis,” “revelatory,” and a rare adherent to the principle of “self-transparency.” Soon after, Holmes […]

Frozen in Time

As any science fiction fan can tell you, there is something infinitely fascinating about the concept of cryosleep. From Ripley to Jim Preston, America’s obsession with the cinema of space has made cryosleep, most frequently depicted as a deliberately induced state of unconsciousness for the purposes of long-term space travel, a familiar trope for decades. […]

A Privacy Freak Goes Public: ISYS6621

Do you use Startpage or DuckDuckGo for your search engine every time you go online? Are you self-taught in using netstat commands to regularly monitor your network ports? Is your Facebook so private that your mother could not find you (or friend you) when she first got an account? No? Just me? If the measures […]