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Lesson of the Semester : Social Media is Not Evil

My understanding and knowledge of social media has been completely uprooted since I started this course. At the start of this course, I looked at social media as a tool for people to keep up and network with their friends and other trends in current society. I looked at social media purely as a place […]

Amazon vs. Walmart – Whose side are you on?

Amazon and Walmart are the two biggest retail giants. They are both competing to be the “go to” retail location for all Americans. They both represent opposite sides of the popular debate on where the retail market is going – whether or not brick-and-mortar stores will survive or if they will be completely replaced by […]

The Future of News – theSkimm and The Morning Brew

The way in which people are finding out news and current events is rapidly transforming as new technology and companies emerge. People used to strictly rely on the news and newspaper for updates on current events and basic news, but now a lot of people do not own TVs nor do they have newspaper subscriptions. […]

Social Media’s Role in the Sports Industry

Social media plays an instrumental role in the sports industry. Almost every league, team and player has a social media presence with thousands if not millions of followers on the various platforms. Social media has transformed the sports industry in the past couple of years. Social media has allowed players and teams to expand and […]

The New Age of Marketing: Social Media

Growing up, watching t.v. was interrupted by commercials filled with celebrity endorsements and drives into the city were sprinkled with billboard advertisements. In this day and age, marketing has completely changed. Yes, there are still commercials with celebrities, and yes, there are still billboards with witty sayings. But, these forms of marketing are quickly being replaced […]

The New Class of Public Figures – Bloggers

Bloggers have become increasingly popular in the past couple of years. They use Instagram as a platform to get followers and fans and then direct them to their individual blogs on the Internet. Since there are so many bloggers now, each one needs a “unique” platform to stand out and gain a fan base. Bloggers […]

Social Media Expectations

Over the past few years, social media has become an instrumental part of life and business. It has a growing importance and affects almost everyone (even those who try to deny their association with it). People are constantly using or looking at it without even realizing. Social media has truly changed the way people communicate, […]