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The Future of Fitness

Growing up I was not always the slender and #fit girl you see today. This part of my childhood may be gone, but it is certainly never forgotten (especially if my grandmother has anything to do with it). At every holiday or family function my grandmother loves to tell the story of how she would […]

It’s All Your Fault!

Many people (mainly {exclusively} historians) claim that you must learn about the past in order to prepare for the future. In every required history class I have taken, and even the one I “elected” to take, there has been some common themes throughout time. One of the most prominent themes is that if something goes […]

One in a Millenial

Hello and welcome! Today you are lucky enough to read my first ever blog post!  As a finance and computer science major here at Boston College, I have not been required to write any blog posts (“we educate the whole person” psh).    As you are reading this blog you may be wondering, as one […]

Test Post

Test Post!