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Julia’s Declassified ISYS6621 Survival Guide

Wow. 12/6/17 is almost upon us. It is hard to imagine that we have almost reached our final Wednesday session of ISYS6621 and that after we walk out of the doors to Stokes 195S we will have no more deliverables left for Prof. Kane (that no final is looking pretty sweet right now!). Like many, […]

The Colorful Cans Taking over Instagram: The Rise of LaCroix

It’s hard to miss these colorful cans: they are popping up on everyone’s feeds, they stock the shelves of the local Whole Foods, and they are available in the fridges of every trendy startup.  LaCroix is a sparkling water beverage that has grown from a relatively obscure Midwestern brand to a national sensation, especially among […]

Pop Quiz(let)

Like I’m sure is true for most people the past couple of weeks, midterm season has hit me hard. My days are filled with long nights in the library, lots of outlines, and multiple new Quizlet sets. However, on Saturday, October 21st, I took some time out to attend Harvard’s 8th Annual Igniting Innovation Summit […]

Banks Better Watch Out

It’s no secret that like other industries, the banking sector has felt the effects of technology shaking its foundations. And to its credit, most institutions have attempted to respond. Almost every branch has rolled out its own platform for online and mobile banking to serve the needs of a convenience-conscious consumer. Mobile deposits, digital transfers […]

HR Sans Humans

This week I found myself moving my table and all its chairs, adjusting the positioning of the living room lamps, and trying to find a blank wall backdrop in my tiny apartment. Was it just a spot of tidying and rearranging furniture? Nope. These actions had a very specific task- I was on the quest […]

How Pinterest Made Me My Own Travel Agent

This July I crossed the Atlantic for the first time to visit my roommate in Italy, where she spends her summer months. It was a two-week trip of a lifetime. We fit in as much as we could in fourteen days- including the breathtaking island of Sardinia, the medieval gem of Assisi, and most major […]

Confessions of a Newbie

So I recently experienced an anniversary. There are two footnotes for that statement. The first is that I didn’t say “celebrated” because I’m not quite sure that would be an accurate word choice. The second is that this anniversary was my one year anniversary on social media. I know it can be shocking for some […]