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HR Sans Humans

This week I found myself moving my table and all its chairs, adjusting the positioning of the living room lamps, and trying to find a blank wall backdrop in my tiny apartment. Was it just a spot of tidying and rearranging furniture? Nope. These actions had a very specific task- I was on the quest […]

How Pinterest Made Me My Own Travel Agent

This July I crossed the Atlantic for the first time to visit my roommate in Italy, where she spends her summer months. It was a two-week trip of a lifetime. We fit in as much as we could in fourteen days- including the breathtaking island of Sardinia, the medieval gem of Assisi, and most major […]

Confessions of a Newbie

So I recently experienced an anniversary. There are two footnotes for that statement. The first is that I didn’t say “celebrated” because I’m not quite sure that would be an accurate word choice. The second is that this anniversary was my one year anniversary on social media. I know it can be shocking for some […]

Test Post