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#IS6621 As Told By Elf

I’ll admit it; As a CS/IS major, I came into this class nervous that exploring common technology topics, such as AI or the sharing economy, would be a review for me. Boy was I wrong. My grandpa, a previous Economics professor, always used to ask me if any of my classes allowed us to discuss […]

What Being on Crutches for 5 Weeks Taught Me About Tech

Yes, I know, I’m going to pull the injury card this week. But honestly, five weeks is a heck of a lot of time to be without two working feet and you’d be surprised by how much free time you suddenly have when you become immobile. So here’s the lowdown on what the #crutchlife has […]

How Amazon’s Retired-RV-Driver-Army Always Saves Christmas

Here a few facts: Humans leave things until the very last minute  (I’m looking at you, because you must likely had to splurge on One-Day Shipping last week because you decided to dress up as a Lifeguard on the almost last day possible.) Americans buy LOTS of presents during the Holiday season. We buy most […]

How Selfies Led to a Museum About Ice Cream

Disclaimer: The Museum of Ice Cream is not a museum. It’s more like an indoor playground on confectionary-themed steroids. Instead of sculptures, it houses a swimming pool of sprinkles. Instead of walls covered in famous Renaissance paintings, the bubblegum-colored walls illuminate various shades of bright pink. Other notable decor include a rock-candy cave, a unicorn, and […]

Project Loon: How Balloons Can Resurrect Puerto Rico

This past week, I was fortunate enough to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing, a national conference with 18,000 attendees that revolves around promoting women in tech. While I was there, I attended a workshop hosted by X, the moonshot subsidiary of Alphabet, to learn about the inner workings of Project Loon. […]

The Reason Why You Can’t Stop Watching the Video of “How to Make Ice Cream Churro Bowls”

Chocolate Cream Cheese Stuffed Monkey Bread. Biscuits and Gravy Bake. Pesto asparagus and sun-dried tomato pasta. Go ahead, take a second to pause and stop drooling before continuing on. It’s a fact: we’re helplessly addicted to Tasty videos. Maybe it’s because as college students, we justify our obsession by convincing ourselves that watching another video will make […]

The (Anti)social Media

In high school, my mom uniquely endorsed phone use, but only when I was using it to contact friends. She always valued human interaction and saw texting as an important way to form relationships. However, when it came to social media, she constantly condemned the countless hours I spent browsing the pictures of my acquaintances […]

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