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The Future is Happening Now

The end of this semester felt more like a philosophy class than a social media class. Big concepts of technological innovations with the potential to completely uproot the economy and daily lives can be difficult to grasp. It’s hard to picture a world driven by Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, 3D printing, and literally driven by self-driving […]

Reduce food waste one byte at a time

40% of all food produced in the U.S. goes to waste.   Thanks to restaurant leftovers, spoiled household food, and unpurchased produce, Americans throw out roughly $165 billion in food each year. This discarded food forms the largest category of municipal solid waste in landfills–which releases billions of tons of greenhouse gasses. At the same time that we are wasting […]

“I’m not eating it unless it’s gluten free, free-range, non-GMO, fair trade, dairy-free, sustainably raised, locally grown, vegan, and juiced”

Instagram thinks I’m a vegan. On my Instagram Explore page, there’s always a suggested photo or video of some cool, exotic, vegan food. I’m actually not a vegan, nor a vegetarian. I’m just intrigued by the interesting and creative dishes that happen to be prepared without animal products. Veganism is just one trend on the […]

Here’s why farmers are more tech-savvy than you

I’m willing to bet you still picture farming as a relatively low-tech industry. Cut to: hardworking farmer riding an old tractor through a small plot of land. While this may still be the reality on some farms, we are in the midst of the third, and most monumental, agriculture revolution. Over $4.6 billion in investment […]

A 10-Step Guide to Going Viral

Planning to go viral is like preparing a meal. Like any good dish, you need to follow a recipe for maximum success. Thanks to my research and personal experience, I’ve crafted one recipe for going viral.   Before I begin, here is a link to my Buzzfeed article that broke 4,000 views.   1. First, […]

You haven’t heard of Wegmans????

I swear I’m not crazy. My go-to icebreaker fun fact when I first came to college was, “I work in the Wegmans Bakery!” I was under the impression that everyone understood my love for Wegmans, because that’s the culture I grew up in. I was wrong. People outside the radius of Wegmans’ 92 stores don’t quite […]

Food delivery merges my two favorite pastimes: eating and not moving

    “Your order is on its way.” Now that’s what I like to hear. Without leaving the comfort of my dorm, I can have a box of sushi or Pad Thai on its way to campus in a matter of minutes. How have food delivery services such as Grubhub, Blue Apron, and Amazon Fresh […]