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Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten

Before I get into my final thoughts on #IS6621, I need to remind you guys about something. Alright, now that we got that out of the way, I never in a million years would have thought that I would be upset that I am about to write my final blog post for the semester. Usually […]

AI in Sports

The sports world is an industry that generates billions of dollars in revenue every year. From gate revenues, merchandising, sponsorships, to media rights, the money is everywhere. With AI becoming more popular and common in today’s world, it isn’t surprising that it is being used to transform the sports world. There are countless types of […]

ZenoBot – AI in the Classroom

With all the talk about AI in this class over the course of the semester, it would seem like we would eventually run out of topics to blog about. Boy was I wrong. After reading an article about how companies are looking to use AI to improve the education system, I started to search on […]

March Madness – Coca Cola

It’s about that time again. March Madness is back. Selection Sunday was last night and the field of 64 is set. Games begin Thursday, and it is time to start churning out brackets. You believe that this is the year that you will finally have a perfect bracket? Probably not but at least you can […]

QuizBiz – The HQ 2.0

The mobile trivia app HQ has broken through as one of the most popular apps in the past few months. With games reaching up to 1.7 million players everyday, it has definitely taken the app world by storm. However, with all of the success that HQ has had in the past few months, is it […]

How Social Media Changed Sports Recruiting

No one can deny how large social media has become in today’s world. It is especially becoming more and more important in the sports world. Most professional athletes have some sort of social media platform in which they can interact with fans and update them on their lives on and off the field. But a […]

This Could Be the Start, Of Something New

Hello blogworld. Really excited to start to get the ball rolling in this class. Few things about me first before I get started: Huge Philadelphia sports fan. Go Birds.     2.   I have never done any formal blogging so bear with me for the first couple posts.    3.   I strongly believe […]