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Evolution from Cynic to Believer – Reflections on Social Media

As I mentioned in my introductory post, I did not enroll in this class because of my passion or even interest in social media. Prior to starting the class, I found social media to be an extraordinarily exhausting activity that is externally focused on perpetuating the image and brand that someone generates through their online […]

Knot, Nest, Bump – Life Events in Web 2.0

As a follow up to my presentation on Social Media and Weddings, I want to further concentrate on the XO Group. The XO Group defines itself as “a lifestage media and technology company connecting engaged couples, newlyweds, and first-time parents with the community, products, and inspiration they need to navigate the most intense years of […]

All the Bubbles! Polar Seltzer’s Rebranding

A theme I am writing about all semester is how businesses use social media to enhance their marketing strategy. I am now going to focus on how companies use social media to maximize a rebranding effort. One of the common complexities of our generation is brand loyalty. When Googling “Generation Y and Brand Loyalty” (Gen […]

Evolution of #Marketing & Business Growth

I read an article in Forbes over the summer by an entrepreneur named Jason Nazar who felt the need to bestow some wisdom on us Millennials. One of his tips: social media is not a career. He goes on to say it’s just a marketing function, and pegging your whole career on managing social media […]

Measles, Mumps, and Rubella OH MY!

In this class we often focus on the benefits of having loads of information at our fingertips, but can the excess amount of information occasionally be damaging? I like to listen to NPR while I’m in the car, and they recently covered a story on how the Center for Disease Control is becoming increasingly concerned […]

Greek Yogurt, Fitness and Screen Time – How Social Media Impacts Obesity

We all are aware of the obesity crisis facing our nation. It is one of our largest public health concerns, and without significant changes, The New England Journal of Medicine reports children of this generation may have a lower life expectancy than their parents. Due to personal interest, I like to read health blogs or […]

Wait, Twitter may actually have a purpose!?

Here is the truth: I did not sign up for this class due to my love of all things social media. In fact there is a lot about social media (particularly the personal ilk) I find loathsome. Things like Mommy Blogging from the baby’s perspective (“I went to see Grammy and Grampy and had so […]

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