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Sponsored ‘Grams

And So It Begins… A few months ago I heard Instagram would start advertising within its newsfeeds. I was uncomfortable with the idea not just because it felt intrusive, but because it would be a complete disruption in the experience. Whereas I’ve learned to zone out Facebook side bar ads or sponsored content, the simple design […]


It’s been a pretty rough week for Uber…and it’s only Wednesday. While I’ve heard rumblings of PR issues in the past, it was largely the recent Buzzfeed article that really brought the drama to a new level. What’s Going On? Last Friday Emil Michael, Senior Vice President of Business at Uber, made a suggestion that the company […]

Crowdfunding Culture

By now, many of us have heard the story of the crowdfunding Uber consumer. After waking up the day after Halloween, she realized she had accepted Uber’s 9x surge pricing. What should have been a $40 ride was an alarming $362 charge on her account. Rather than let a bad event ruin her (birthday) weekend, she used another social service […]

Working It Out

This summer, Facebook alerted me to an event a few friends were “attending”: The 30 Day Ab Challenge. Was Facebook trying to tell me something? I took solace in that fact that, if it was, at least I had over 2.6 million people with me – all of whom had RSVP’d to the event. I was relieved to […]

Snap for Self-Esteem

As a follow up to my presentation, I wanted to share recent news about a brand using Snapchat in a completely new way. A Little Background… As Dove expanded its product offerings in the early 2000’s, the company had to find a new positioning that would speak to its larger line of personal care items. […]

Convenience: There are a lot of apps for that

There was a time, not very long ago, when I actually had to do things myself. Need to buy groceries? Make a list, jump in the car, find a parking spot, navigate the aisles, check out, load the car, drive home, unload the car. Want to order food? Look through the stack of paper menus […]

When Social Media Hurts

In our first session of Social Media for Managers, we learned that social media essentially began with the “reply all” function in email, enabling users to seamlessly converse with multiple people at once. It moved away from the two-way communications that telephones, letters, and individual emails had previously offered. Not only did it closely mimic […]

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