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If you don’t already ‘get it,’ you’re already falling behind

Social media and I go way back.  As I’ve already explained before in my original post “If I can’t find them online, their resume is tossed,” I have experience with a variety of social media channels.  As compared to some of my peers, I didn’t reluctantly sign up for a Twitter account for this class; […]

Why Am I Following You, Anyway?

Ever wonder what exactly prompts you to like a company on Facebook or follow them on Twitter?  I’ve always wanted to know why we following brands on social media, what drives us to want to be connected to them.  In a world of highly saturated media and a constant flow of advertisements coming our way, […]

The Overlooked: Social Media Marketing for Senior Citizens

Though seniors are largely forgotten by Madison Avenue in general, they are now a demographic grossly overlooked on social media.  Those 65 years and older are changing: they are living longer, more active, and becoming increasingly literate online.  Not only does this age group have 47x the net worth of households headed by those 35 […]

Is This a Man or a Brand?

I’ve always wondered why Mashable’s Twitter picture is a random man’s face. The account pushes out recent articles from Mashable and its handle is @Mashable, but the account is under the name and picture of a man named Pete Cashmore.  Finally one day I put my curiosity and confusion to rest, only to find the […]

How Much Are Your Connections Worth?

Ever wonder how much all of your Facebook friends are worth?  Wondering how much value your Instagram and Twitter followers hold? Companies know the value of being connected to consumers organically—and they’re willing to pay.  Regardless of return on investment and specific sales resulting from social media efforts, followers in general hold worth in the […]

Sasquatch Music Festival 2013

Sasquatch Sighting…On Pinterest!

While trapped in my dorm room this weekend with a broken ankle and a raging blizzard outside, I decided to take an imaginary escape from my reality in order to peruse the beautiful world of Pinterest.  I scrolled through the plethora of images that interest me: house décor ideas, amazing recipes, funny animal memes, outfit […]

“If I can’t find them online, their resume is tossed”

I wasn’t allowed to have IM while in grade school, I got a MySpace account secretly behind my parents’ backs, and while in high school, my friend and I pretended we were college-aged in order to get Facebook accounts.  I may have started slowly, but today I am constantly connected, whether awake or asleep.  I […]