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Goodbye IS6621

And first I chose to take Social Media and Digital Business only because it fit my schedule and allowed me not to have classes on Thursdays and Fridays. Then after hearing Professor Kane warnings the first day of class I started questioning my decisions. From what he said it did not seem like a class […]

Russia’s war on social media

When talking about Russia, words like “democracy” and “freedom of speech” are not the first to come to mind. Censorship and control of media like newspapers and television has always provided the government opportunities to influence the information citizens consume and thus their points of view. However, rise of the Internet and social media presented […]

Smart Suitcase

Technology is transforming travel like any other industry. Airbnb, Wi-Fi on board, GPS and various review websites are making traveling simpler and more accessible. Another of the technological advancements that is transforming travel for the better is smart luggage. There are numerous features of a smart suitcase that are already common and make traveling more […]

One thing we do not want to buy online

Nowadays we can buy online millions of different things – clothes, equipment, food etc. It even took me some time to remember which items you absolutely have to buy at a physical store. We like the convenience, flexibility and availability of options that come with online shopping. Most of the time we do not value […]

Don’t do it for the picture

Last winter my family and I took a trip through Australia. I remember my dad particularly insisted that we visit Uluru, a huge red rock surrounded by miles of desert. Apparently he first heard about it 25 years ago when he studied in Germany. He visited a presentation by a German guy who just returned […]

Russian Facebook

When reading the first set of blogs for the class I noticed that some people were talking about their early days on social media and mentioned funny awkward photos from middle school that they used to post on Facebook. That’s when I realized that I actually did not have any Facebook experience until my first […]

Challenge accepted

During my 4 years as a BBA student at the University of Michigan and this year as a MSA student at Boston College I took many classes that followed a typical format: homework, midterms/final and a group project (that everyone dreads). That’s the format I am used to and am comfortable with. Quite frankly, I […]