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We are the IoT

I am genuinely saddened to be writing my final blog post for this class. I have come to love the process of blogging, its structured freedom, and its catharsis. I have always loved writing but always utilized it as a tool rather than a form of expression. This course somehow walked the fine line of […]

The Age of Consent

Most people hear the word consent and their mind jumps immediately to sex. That’s okay, we’re only human. Yet, over the past decade, the concept of consent has become the focal point of many high profile events that run the gambit of societal issues. This term, that seems so specific in its meaning, can be very […]

The world of our future is imagined through the dreams of our past.

The conversations we have about our technological trajectory into the 22nd century always bring me visions. Topics like artificially intelligent robot companions, flying cars, spaceships, and eccentric billionaires building colonies on Mars must lead to daydreaming for some of you as it does me. It makes me think, where did we even come up with these […]

Social media? You can keep it. I’ll take being social.

Father forgive me for I am about to rant. Social media has ruined social scenes. The organic, fluid, dynamic nature of socializing has been replaced with transactional interactions over a sleek UI. Don’t feel like going out tonight? That’s okay, you can just stalk everyone else’s Snapchat to see what happened and talk about it […]

If Alexander the Great Had Twitter, He Could Have Been Greater

Although we give social media a lot of credit, it is more powerful in the traditional sense of the word. We are playing with a tool that has weapons-grade potential

Shut up and Take my Money

Venmo is life.

Thinking Globally with MarTech

Philosophies and technology to help the new age marketer succeed.

Making OC is Freakin’ Hard

Starting at the very beginning is the very best place to start.

Testing, testing 1-2-3

Test for IS6621