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My Journey to Loving Twitter

1. Make Time and Look Beyond the Tools Professor Kane had warned us from the start that this class would be intense, with a steady flow of work throughout the semester. As he explained the weekly assignments I felt the urge to jot a quick to-do list for the first time in a few months. And […]

Facebook’s Safety Check: Newfound Global Responsibility

I had intended to blog about the rise of email newsletters like ‘the Skimm’ and ‘Lenny Letter’ and counteract Phil Simon’s (author of “Message Not Received”) claim that “email is killing us.” It was Friday, late afternoon, and I was reading current articles and blogs on the triumphant return of the email newsletter, when #Paris started […]

behind the counter with sweetgreen’s social media lead

I had blogged about my experiences on social media with sweetgreen, and within a day their social media lead, Erin Kim, reached out to personally thank me: it means so much to me that you not only noticed what we do, but appreciated it and talked about it with others. you’re so right in that sweetgreen […]

sweetgreen and the sweet touch

At the risk of sounding like a child, I was grinning from ear to ear. I had tweeted @sweetgreen asking them to sponsor our #IS6621 snack time and almost instantaneously I received a tweet back. I engaged with the brand briefly, and within a few hours they had confirmed their willingness to grant my request […]

Modi and Zuckerberg: A Uniting of Leaders

My grandfather had always encouraged my sister and me to visit India – he felt it was important for us to get a well-rounded perspective on some of our worlds “great cultures.” Two years ago, we finally fulfilled this dream. We spent weeks traveling through the rural villages of Rajasthan and the urban areas of […]

Lives Revealed. Then and Now.

Her portrait hung in our living room my entire childhood. Her eyes a challenging sea green, so fierce and harrowing that even as a young kid, I would often stop to observe her gaze, unable to turn away. My dad had grown up in Afghanistan and for him, she embodied the beauty, yet tragedy of […]

Twitter Take Two: Thoughts & Expectations

I opened my first Twitter account in March 2011 (disclosure: I’m not claiming to be one of the first users; I realize this is 3 years too late for die-hard Twitter fans). 39 Tweets and 4 Favorites later, my stint on Twitter came to an end. I don’t remember it being a conscious decision to […]

Testing the Class Blog

Take #2, hopefully this hits the public #IS6621 blog! My blogging skills can only go up from here.. Follow me on Twitter @lak_yaks