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Final Thoughts on Social Media

When I first signed up for this class, I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn’t have a twitter account, I had never blogged before, and wasn’t a huge social media user. I was actually pretty intimidated by our blog posts assignments at first, but they quickly grew to be my favorite […]

Technology and Online Presence in the Boat Building Industry

Boat building, especially in the sport fishing industry, has changed drastically over the last fifty years. There was once a time when boat builders chopped down their own trees, shaped their own wood, and carved each piece of timber into a hull that suited their needs on the water. During these years, boat builders scratched […]

Going Off The Grid

Last week, I received a text from a good friend that said, “I just want to tell you that I love you bro. It’ll be a while before you hear from me next. I’m going OFF THE GRID!” I didn’t quite know what Joey was talking about, and immediately went to our group chat to […]

Can Technology Make Football Safer

I have played football competitively for sixteen years, and have always been ignorant to the effects of brain trauma, depression, CTE, and all the other side effects of playing the game. Part of me was trying to ignore these side effects football related injuries because I did not want to know how bad it could […]


Every year, college students travel to Florida or Mexico for the ultimate Spring Break. During the weeks before this coveted time, students talk about their plans on social media. The hype and excitement reaches an all time high, and the social media network feeds are filled with Spring break related posts. Many of the Spring […]

Social Media and College Football Recruiting

Recruiting methods for big-time college football programs has evolved dramatically over the last twenty years. Programs are now using every form of social media to brand their program, raise awareness, and recruit talent. Coaches and athletic directors now have the ability to share their style of play with recruits, and highlight team culture on a […]

A Country With far Less

A luxury that social media has given us is the ability to voice our thoughts and opinions freely at almost any time. For many of us, social media platforms are a part of our life that we rely on without even understanding their value in our every day routine. In one corner of our world […]