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Download Complete: Digital Business Learned

Okay so maybe the download isn’t complete, there is still some time left before I complete my MBA, but as far as this class goes another one check off the list, but one that did not make me check out. The things I have learned from digital business and emerging technology have been not only […]

Digital Turbulence in Travel

Travel it’s an interest, it’s a hobby, it’s something majority of the population will say they love. I am no different, ever since I was a child, I always questioned what was beyond the boarders I lived in. I am not talking about wanting to go on that yearly trip to Disney World, I truly […]

My Dog is Basically Barking for It

In the rising obsession with innovative ideas that combine industries with technological advances that make like easier it is no surprise that the pet industry has been tapped itself. Now I am not going to bore you with the silly statistics that state that an extremely high percentage of the population considers their pet to […]

Did HR just like my photo?

Let’s be honest we have all done it or at least thought about it…is my company creeping on my social media accounts? Is this recruiter going to look me up on Facebook after this interview? These are the typical thoughts going through a professional’s mind living in the social media obsessed age. I can only […]

Not Your Grandfather’s Insurance Company

An old industry adapting to the digital age Insurance, something that we all need, but never want to pay for. It’s a product that we never really think about, until times gets tough and life happens. Most insurers will highlight the fact that you’re paying for the peace of mind, the relief of knowing that […]

Commence Download 1% of 100: Expectations for Digital Business

My Initial Expectations for Emerging Technologies and Digital Business. Walking into an MBA class with a course titled digital business is something that screams millennial, I know, but what can I am one. The first day of class was filled with uncertainty of what exactly to expect, by a quick look at the syllabus one […]