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There’s So Much Left to Learn about Social Media

When I was looking for my fourth and final class for my second semester of senior year, I was not sure what could be most helpful to me. My friend suggested Social Media for Management, which she took and highly recommended. As a finance concentrator, I had very little experience with the concepts of social […]

How to Run a Successful Social Media Movie Campaign

In continuation to my presentation last week on social media and film industry, I decided to focus this blog post on successful social media marketing campaigns, which some studios ran in the past. To reiterate, the main point from my presentation is that both movie theaters and studios need to make more of an effort […]

Birthright’s Social Media Strategy

Last summer, I participated in one of the most memorable experiences of my life, Birthright. For those of you who have not heard of this organization, Birthright, also known as Taglit (which in Hebrew means “discovery,”) sends Jewish students and young adults ages 18-26 to Israel for free. Though it may seem unlikely to pass up the chance to have a completely subsidized $3000 trip given to anyone who has at least one Jewish parent and identifies as Jewish (full eligibility rules can be found here,) the organization continues to struggle to grow beyond its current numbers and attract Jewish men and women to sign up before they turn 26 years old.

Apple Watch Puts Social Media on Our Wrists

Yesterday, Apple, the company known for innovation in technology and design, officially came out with its entirely new product, the Apple Watch (which comes in three different styles, Apple Watch, Sport, and Edition). Though customers will need to wait until April to purchase this wearable device, Apple used yesterday’s “Spring Forward” event to showcase some of the features to be expected from its Watch. Some of the most interesting and unique parts of this device are its social features, which span traditional platforms of social media, such as Instagram and Twitter, to newer outlets of connecting with other Apple users, for example its ability to send another person your heartbeat.

Valentine’s Day on Social Media

This weekend we celebrated the “holiday of love” (a.k.a. Singles Awareness Day)… Valentine’s Day! I felt inspired by Pat Swearingen’s presentation in class last Thursday about companies’ April Fools Day social media tactics and successes, and so I decided to do a blog post about Valentine’s Day on social media.

The Fight for Marriage Equality on Social Media

We’ve all seen it. Some of our Facebook friends had it as their profile picture for a few weeks. We have even laughed at some of the spoofs that came out about it. But there is no denying that the red and pink equals sign social media craze had a tremendous effect on the perception and progress of the marriage equality movement in the U.S. and around the world.

LinkedIns and Twitters and Blogs… Oh My!

“WHAT!!!” my friend shrieks in the basement of a Baptist church in Roanoke, Virginia. “You’re not on Snapchat?!” she exclaims in a pure astonishment, as if I had told her I had never heard of Shakespeare. I was on an Appalachia Volunteers community service trip that was meant to be more or less technology-free, and […]