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An Interview, With Myself, About IS6621

An Interview…With myself about IS6621 Who are you? My name is Aditya Luthra, my nickname is Deets, and I’m currently studying Finance and Analytics in the Carroll School of Management. What did you expect going into this class? Going into this class, my expectations were pretty much based on the title of the class. I […]

Kobe Bryant’s Retirement

Just a couple days go, one of the greatest players the NBA has ever seen, Kobe Bryant, announced he will retire after this season. After 20 years, 17-All Star appearances, 5 NBA championships, and nearly 56,000 minutes of playing time, the all-time great decided it would be time to move onto the next chapter of […]

How a Facebook Post changed the University of Missouri

Exposure of racial inequality and police brutality has been a social media trend in the past couple years. Social media has empowered the average citizen to become an active reporter. With social media, people feel they can do something, rather than become a bystander to a flawed system. We saw this in the past month […]

No more wallets? Digital payments are taking over

If you’re anything like me, you don’t really like carrying cash around. You go into the store, grab a soda, and pay with your credit card even though you might have a couple dollars in your wallet. Why use your credit card when you have cash? Convenience. Most of us don’t want to lug around […]

Facebook wants our attention…well more of it

Facebook is finding ways to keep us engaged, and their newest method is going after video content. I’m sure if you’ve used Facebook, you’ve stumbled upon many different types of videos. You scroll down and find a funny prank video, then you scroll a little further and see highlights to last night’s football game, and […]

social media has the biggest names in music acting like children, and I love it.

Social Media is not starting a new culture in the music; artist feuds and disputes have always been adding to the entertainment of the music industry. What social media is doing is changing the environment of this feud culture and how artists go about their disputes. A social media platform like twitter creates an open platform […]

It’s Overdue, but Thanks Social Media

Let me describe a scene for you. A bunch of college friends are sitting in a living room hanging out. One friend is surveying everyone asking which filter is best for the Instagram she is about to post. Another friend just took a photo of his homework and uploads it to his Snapchat Story. He […]