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Social Media PR Scandals

In Wednesday’s class, we touched on social media’s role in both causing PR scandals, and being used as a tool to effectively clean up a company post-publicity problem. Funnily enough, in my Business Writing & Communication Management class this week we had also discussed strategies for addressing social media public relation issues. Rather than referencing […]

Twitter as a Political Tool

Next week the Senate will vote to repeal Obamacare (again). Listening to Monday’s episode of Pod Save America (a political podcast hosted by former Obama speechwriters), I was struck when one of them mentioned that Senator Rand Paul’s vote for repeal was probably a no. Not because of his intention to vote no. But because […]

Can You Crowdsource New Food Products?

Is crowdsourcing a feasible way to test new food products? The other day, as I was exiting the Harvard Red Line station, I was offered a new nutritional bar to try. I had the typical Boston response: put my head down and pretend not to see anything. But afterward I kept thinking about this experience. […]


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