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A Social Media Hermit Gains Some Perspective

I don’t enjoy tweeting. As we headed into the Thanksgiving break a few weeks back, I had decided that after this class ends I would retreat back into my social media exile, letting my Twitter go the way of my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Over the break, however, I came to a kind of realization. […]

Walmart: a lesson in successful leveraging?

In a funny coincidence, the same week that we discussed Walmart with Professor Kane and guests was also the same week we studied Walmart for my Supply Chain Logistics class. And not in the way you would think. Walmart Goes Green-ish We read a case study on Walmart’s efforts to become more environmentally friendly. From […]

Social Media Platforms vs. Democracy

My parents have always passionately followed politics. Ever since I can remember, car rides and early mornings were marked by the smooth, sweet sound of NPR. Any large family gatherings were spent discussing politics and getting in fiery debates. All this to say: Election Day was incredibly important in my family. Us kids would go […]

Sweeping the Competition in the Digital Groceries Market

One of the reasons why I picked the future of the grocery delivery service industry to do my presentation on, is because I love grocery shopping. When I was growing up we only had the 12 free channels you get if you don’t buy cable (I had a very deprived childhood). Besides PBS, if the […]

Social Media PR Scandals

In Wednesday’s class, we touched on social media’s role in both causing PR scandals, and being used as a tool to effectively clean up a company post-publicity problem. Funnily enough, in my Business Writing & Communication Management class this week we had also discussed strategies for addressing social media public relation issues. Rather than referencing […]

Twitter as a Political Tool

Next week the Senate will vote to repeal Obamacare (again). Listening to Monday’s episode of Pod Save America (a political podcast hosted by former Obama speechwriters), I was struck when one of them mentioned that Senator Rand Paul’s vote for repeal was probably a no. Not because of his intention to vote no. But because […]

Can You Crowdsource New Food Products?

Is crowdsourcing a feasible way to test new food products? The other day, as I was exiting the Harvard Red Line station, I was offered a new nutritional bar to try. I had the typical Boston response: put my head down and pretend not to see anything. But afterward I kept thinking about this experience. […]