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Final Thoughts–My Key Takeaway

I remember how I got into this class… I was taking Data Analytics from Professor Ransbotham and Professor Kane came in as a guest to present Social Media in relation with data analytics. I was amazed by his energetic and enthusiastic voice. The topic on strong and weak link with Kevin Beacon’s example was also […]

Would you give out private data for discount in insurance?

The health insurance industry has been slow or no-growth. It does not seem to be relevant and appealing to customers that much as the value isn’t realized immediately. Insurance wasn’t my interest until I read this article and found some interesting connection with our class last week on data and privacy. The article was […]

Facebook and Vietnam Market- Marketing strategy

First of all I want to thank you all for the positive feedback on my presentation. I was really nervous and many of you noticed that. Since I presented mostly on my personal user of Facebook, this blog is dedicated for the business use of Facebook in marketing strategy in Vietnam. Two types: There is direct […]

What if your account on social world could be terminated 4EVER?

Okay, the introduction is going to be off topic because it is about a game that is still only at its early development stage. I don’t consider myself a gamer; I just play couple mobile game like Candy Crush Saga or Spider Soliatire. Yes, yes I get it; those games are too old now. So […]

My little cousins, kids, and social media

I just realize how much I focus on social media’s popularity, features, and future but not much attention on its users. Yesterday I happened see an article with the title: ”Letting Your Kids Play in the Social Media Sandbox” on the New York Times. I don’t have kids now but I do have little cousins […]

#LeftShark! You Go

Hope everyone enjoy the Super Bowl I was thinking about what to write for my second blog for this class and my Predictive Analytics class this week had enlightened me. So my professor acknowledges that the class material is dry and boring; he decides to include something different in the power point to “wake” us […]

Me and my reminismence of Social Media

I have become part of the social media wave started 10 years ago. It wasn’t because I was a socialized or geeky person; I just tried to fit in with everyone else by having an account out there. And I got hooked up in the social media world without realizing it. It was quite a […]