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ISYS6621 Final Reflections

Before taking this class, I never considered myself a fervent social media user. Sure, I had the standard Facebook and Instagram accounts, but I just figured I was keeping up with everyone else. Professor Kane and our lectures have made me realize how much I have come to rely on social media every day. I […]

Today’s Models are Crushing Social Media

Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are proving there’s more to success in the fashion industry than one might expect. In today’s digital age, these top models are using social media to connect with fans and build their own personal brands. These models have used social media to propel their careers while sharing their journey with […]

Leandra Medine: The Man Repeller

From the abundance of fashion and street style blogs, it is evident that social media is changing the fashion industry. I choose to post about my favorite: Leandra Medine. Medine, known to the social media world as Man Repeller, spends all day telling women “not to give a shit what anyone thinks about their outfits.” […]

Zoolander 2 Takes Over Paris Fashion Week

Paramount Pictures surprised fans by announcing the release of the sequel to their 2001 comedy, Zoolander, in an a unique and creative way at Paris Fashion Week. The two stars of the first movie, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, surprised audiences by walking the end of the Valentino show on March 10, 2015 as their […]

JetBlue Flies High

After Paul Brown’s JetBlue presentation in class on Monday night, I decided to research more into JetBlue’s social media practices and how airlines communicate with their customers in the evolving digital world. Going to school in Boston, and being from right outside Washington, DC, I am frequent JetBlue customer, so I found Brown’s presentation especially […]

How Social Media Can Improve SEO

Last summer I interned for the Vice President of Digital Strategies and Operations for AARP. It wasn’t a structured internship program, but I had the opportunity to work for an amazing and inspiring businesswoman and gain firsthand experience at a national organization. I had taken a couple of marketing classes at BC, but digital marketing […]

Social Media and Obama

Although I am a second semester senior, I am taking a class called Computers in Management, a required course for all Carroll School of Management students at BC (I am in the Arts and Sciences school). Filled with mostly freshman and sophomores, I am taking the course in the hopes of bettering my Excel skills, […]