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Final Thoughts – Social Media

As I mentioned in my initial thoughts post, I didn’t know what to expect from this course. Now that I’m close to the end, I have a better idea of what social media is all about and I can’t help but feel that this is the new frontier. Just as there was a tech revolution when […]

That Mona Lisa Smile

No, I’m not talking about the 2003 movie starring Julia Roberts and Kirsten Dunst. I’m talking about the world of art auctions. Throughout this course we’ve seen the impact of social media on…well almost everything. The list includes horse racing, venture capital, finding a job, finding work to do, religion, vacations and travel, teaching, terrorism, fundraising, football, basketball, golf, […]

Could you work in a place like this?

I’m talking about the crowd-sourced workplace. In 1913 Henry Ford introduced the assembly line for the Model T.  It changed the factory workplace. It had an enormous impact on efficiency by moving the work from one worker to another until it became a complete unit. It remains in place for many manufacturers to this day.   The […]

Can Social Media help with Food Allergies?

Many of us never have to worry about what we eat.  Our biggest concern on food labels is the calorie count.  But for approximately twelve million Americans what’s in the food they eat is more important than anything else.  That’s because they suffer from food allergies. The issue is even more pronounced for those that are […]

Welcome to Spam-a-lot

As Professor Kane sent out a few messages last week, to folks who had inadvertently sent direct messages with an ad or link of some type that was definitely not sent intentionally by the sender, I got to thinking. Did I send one out?  I checked my messages and I couldn’t find any evidence of anything like […]

Are you an online influencer?

As I thought about my interactions on social media I began to look back at my followers on Twitter. How did I get them?  Yeah I know a bunch of you follow me because Professor Kane said you had to.  But what about the rest?  I’ve been tweeting since last November.  As I parse through the […]

Social Media – My Initial Thoughts – My Journey Here

My first foray into Social Media was actually the result of another course at Boston College.  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Tech Trek West.  Like this course, it is also a bit different.  Similar to Professor Kane, Professor Gallaugher wants students to use technology in order to learn about it.  We used WePay […]