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Never Stop Learning

From the beginning of this course, my biggest concern would be keeping up with the required Twitter activity. And boy was I right. Of all the weekly deliverables, this is the one I struggled with the most. Since I rarely used Twitter in my personal life, I knew this would be a challenge to incorporate […]

Hashtags – can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em

Today, hashtags seem like any other basic part of communication on social media. They are extremely useful in searching and trending topics on Twitter, Instagram, and most recently Facebook. However, there was a time when this simple idea was revolutionary in so many ways. Not only did people begin using them in countless, enthusiastic ways, […]

The Ultimate Viral Campaign – #IceBucketChallenge

After our class on managing virality a few weeks ago, I tried to think of the most viral video I had viewed in the past few years. Of course I had seen the JK wedding video, but my memory was drawing a blank when trying to recall others that had a similar widespread impact. And […]

Warby Parker Finds Its Corner of the Eyewear Industry

I decided to write this week’s blog post as a follow up to my presentation on Warby Parker last week. I will try to answer a few of your questions and go a bit deeper into WP’s future endeavors. The motive behind Warby Parker was to prove that it is possible to make affordable eyewear […]

Artificial Intelligence – the Future of the Online Fashion Industry

Artificial Intelligence is really not as scary as it sounds. A far cry from robots putting millions of hard-working Americans out of work, AI is becoming a valuable breakthrough for both retailers and customers. Underneath the broad category of AI lie four major applications that bring incredible value to the world of digital commerce: voice […]

Online Sportsbooks, the real Super Bowl Champions

For me personally Super Bowl LII is a lose-lose situation. Born and raised in Miami, I grew up to be a Dolphin-loving, Patriot-hating football fan. Living in Boston for the past 11 years has made football season difficult to say the least. Surrounded by Pats “fans” who continually lose faith in the team, yes even […]

10 Years in the Making

At the ripe old age of 28, I am sadly aware that I have fallen out of touch with the latest and greatest capabilities in social media, mobile apps, and even websites. Balancing a full-time job that is not digital-heavy and a part-time MBA curriculum does not offer much time for exploration and experimentation. As […]