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Artificial Intelligence – the Future of the Online Fashion Industry

Artificial Intelligence is really not as scary as it sounds. A far cry from robots putting millions of hard-working Americans out of work, AI is becoming a valuable breakthrough for both retailers and customers. Underneath the broad category of AI lie four major applications that bring incredible value to the world of digital commerce: voice […]

Online Sportsbooks, the real Super Bowl Champions

For me personally Super Bowl LII is a lose-lose situation. Born and raised in Miami, I grew up to be a Dolphin-loving, Patriot-hating football fan. Living in Boston for the past 11 years has made football season difficult to say the least. Surrounded by Pats “fans” who continually lose faith in the team, yes even […]

10 Years in the Making

At the ripe old age of 28, I am sadly aware that I have fallen out of touch with the latest and greatest capabilities in social media, mobile apps, and even websites. Balancing a full-time job that is not digital-heavy and a part-time MBA curriculum does not offer much time for exploration and experimentation. As […]

Testing 1, 2, 3

Let’s do this!