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A Faustian Bargain

Over the course of this class, there was probably at least one moment per meeting when it struck me that we must be on the precipice of a new technology trend that would change the way society or the economy functioned in a more dramatic way than ever before.  These moments included learning about how […]

Mental Health and Walking the Line Between Helping vs. Hurting

Though in the past, mental health has been swept under the carpet as a taboo topic, the issue has emerged as a focal point of conversation over the past decade.  Universities and public health entities have begun working on destigmatizing mental health issues and normalizing these discussions.  Clubs like To Write Love on Her Arms […]

Accountability in an Age of Anonymity

When you scroll through lists of comments on YouTube, Reddit, etc., you are likely to find a number of outrageously unkind comments. That the internet causes people to be more apathetic to others’ feelings due to the degree of removal from behind a screen is a phenomenon that unfortunately makes a lot of sense.  ”Commenting […]

MARS (Marielle’s Almost Real Strategy) ESG Fund

This past summer, I interned as an equity research analyst at Gabelli Asset Management Company.  One of the biggest focuses at the company lately is ESG (Environmental Social Governance) investing.  Based on the insight that more Millennials care about the ethics of the companies they invest in, asset managers at Gabelli and elsewhere realized they […]

Tech for the Non-Techy

As you may have learned from my Tweets, today I had a Lyft ride in one of the two cars in Boston with a camera perched on the roof to map out the city for autonomous driving.   My driver and I had a conversation about how Lyft is the best company for the autonomous car […]

The Uncanny Valley: Where Creepy Meets Cool

Creepy-Cool As we’ve discussed at length in class, the struggle companies face between offering “services” that could be perceived as either creepy or cool, is an increasingly prevalent issue.  For example, some might view the new iPhone’s facial recognition feature as innovative and convenient, while others may see it as a grave security issue. For […]

Thoughts From an Addicted Scroller

I think Michael Scott’s description of Wikipedia also applies pretty well to social media.  As he so aptly puts it: Okay, I know it sounds a little ridiculous, but I think Michael Scott was actually onto something.  I concede that social media is an open platform where people can technically share any “information” no matter […]