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Walmart: Transition to a Digital Company

In 2015, Walmart made the daunting decision to put aside 2 billion dollars to ramp up its e-commerce business. The stock market responded by lowering Walmart’s stock 10%, obviously, investors were not confident on Walmart’s capability to compete in the digital world. The money was to be put towards adding more e-commerce fulfillment centers, fully […]

My Addiction to Social Media Ads

“No company better exemplifies the internet-age dictum that if the product is free, you are the product. Facebook’s customers aren’t the people who are on the site: its customers are the advertisers” (Lanchester). Ever since I read John Lanchester article, ‘You Are the Product’, I have not been able to get it out of my […]

First Blog from a Blogically Challenged Person

I have never written a blog post so bear with me this one is going to be rough. Given that these blog posts 45% of our grade, it is definitely the first thing I want to improve on in this course. However, to get an easy A was not the reason I decided to take […]

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