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The 14 Weeks of IS6621

On the twelfth week of IS6621 Professor Kane gave to me: 12 #D Posts 11, 373 Price of Bitcoin 10 iPhone models 9 Bills out of work 8 Machines a Leaning 7 Blog Posts 6 Uber Scandals 5 Activities on Facebook 4 Giant companies 3 Cognitive Surpluses 2 Sided Networks and a Jeff Bezos takeover […]

Growing up with Alexa

In light of our discussion tomorrow of the dark side of social I decided to focus my blog today on the dark side of digital technology. What are the effects of being constantly surrounded by these intelligent devices, who are constantly listening to us. Specifically, the effects on children developing and growing up with these […]

The Five Inescapable Giants of Tech

  Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. How many of these tech companies have you interacted with today? How many times with each? And when was the last time you last a day without interacting one of these companies? Before you answer have let’s consider all the products and services these companies make up. First, […]

Before “Netflix and Chill”

  My presentation tomorrow I am analyzing why Netflix is dominating the online video streaming industry and its ability to continue its domination. However, the company existed before “Netflix and chill” and originally operated as a DVD-by-mail business. Netflix managed to fight off and then dominate in this space when two giants were going straight […]

Walmart: Transition to a Digital Company

In 2015, Walmart made the daunting decision to put aside 2 billion dollars to ramp up its e-commerce business. The stock market responded by lowering Walmart’s stock 10%, obviously, investors were not confident on Walmart’s capability to compete in the digital world. The money was to be put towards adding more e-commerce fulfillment centers, fully […]

My Addiction to Social Media Ads

“No company better exemplifies the internet-age dictum that if the product is free, you are the product. Facebook’s customers aren’t the people who are on the site: its customers are the advertisers” (Lanchester). Ever since I read John Lanchester article, ‘You Are the Product’, I have not been able to get it out of my […]

First Blog from a Blogically Challenged Person

I have never written a blog post so bear with me this one is going to be rough. Given that these blog posts 45% of our grade, it is definitely the first thing I want to improve on in this course. However, to get an easy A was not the reason I decided to take […]