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Hello, Goodbye

I’ll admit it. I was a bit skeptical registering for Social Media and Digital Business. A class about social media? What does digital business even mean? What can I learn about social media that I don’t already know, being that I’m a millennial? The answer is a lot. The answer is way more than I could […]

Death of the Daily Vlog

I was rummaging through the dark corners of the Internet trying to find content for this week’s blog post (as we all do), and I stumbled on some devastating news. Casey Neistat, a Youtube vlogger I followed since I was about 17, is ending his daily vlog. Just in case you’ve never heard of Casey, […]

Photographing Strangers (Take 2)

After a good deal of sweating and heart palpitations, my individual presentation is over! Woohoo! I survived! Due to the brevity of the presentation, I’m taking this blog post to elaborate on some of the research I did when exploring my topic– photographing strangers. Just in case you were as tired as I am when 8 […]

Crowdfunding Art

Artists just can’t seem to win these days. If a streaming service like Spotify isn’t pulling most of the profit from the songs, then chances are iTunes is doing the same exact thing, or maybe it’s Tidal, Apple Music, whatever. Or perhaps the artist is releasing music on Bandcamp where a total of 10 people, if […]

Twitter’s 140-Character Limit: Cage or Crown?

As of September 19th, Twitter has ~sort of~ loosened its reins on the 140 character limit. You can now add photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and quote tweets without it counting towards the contested character count. Although your favorite David Foster Wallace quote probably still won’t fit within the constraints, this development is important in light of Twitter’s potential acquisition […]

The Kardashians Are Smarter Than You

The quintessential Kardashian is typically painted as a vapid and talentless reality television star who wears too much mascara and is symbolic of the declining quality of the entertainment industry. Although the hyper-sexualization and entertainment shock value is evident, there is a lot more to the Kardashian/Jenner clan than meets the eye. And a lot […]

(Not So) Great Expectations

Three years ago, as a sophomore at Boston College, I deleted all forms of social media. I’m talking about Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, you name it. This may seem like a rash decision for a millennial to make, given that most people in college breathe tweets and regrams, but I was fed up with social media […]