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Swag’r: The App of Free Stuff

My first encounter with Swag’r was a bit unusual.  My girlfriend and I were going to get snacks at the concession stand during the BC vs. Notre Dame hockey game when a Swag’r campus rep flagged me down with an interesting promise.  “Hey there! Do you want $25 for free?” I have become quite good […]

Smartphones and Poverty

I want to start by thanking those of you who chose to read this post, as I realize that this is not the sexiest title you will see this week.  While this topic may not be good click-bait, it nonetheless deserves an important discussion. United States Representative Jason Chaffetz (R) recently came under fire for […]

Is Technology Ruining Your Eyes? The Answer May Surprise You!

During class discussion a few weeks back, I casually commented that I have noticed more and more young people wearing glasses recently, and that increased use of personal electronics may be the cause.  But is there concrete evidence of this observation? I decided to do some research and find out. As it turns out, there is substantial evidence […]

Battle Royale: Trump vs. Tech

The relationship that President Donald J. Trump and his administration has had with the tech industry can be described as tenuous at best, and has recently devolved into feelings of contempt on both sides.  Industry leaders such as Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook have all joined in protest agains the current administration, which is quite […]

Digital Technology and the Automobile

The year was 1955, the suburban sprawl was in full bloom.  People from both rural and urban areas were flocking into newly created suburban landscapes to live out the American dream.  One of the most important elements of this societal phenomenon was the automobile.  Buying a car in the 50’s had a sense of achievement associated […]

Slack: Social Media for the Office

Historically, social media has often been thought of as a very personal and casual outlet. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, and more recently Instagram, are prime examples of this phenomenon.  Consequently, most people would find the use of social media in the workplace to be inappropriate and unproductive.  However, the advent of online professional networks such as LinkedIn […]

Social Media & I: A Cautious and Evolving Relationship

In general, I have always been relatively conservative with my use of social media.  While my friends and peers have poked fun at my limited online presence, I have found it to be somewhat of a valuable asset. I first registered for Facebook as a High School Sophomore in 2011, at which point the vast majority […]

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