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A Glimpse at the Future of Social Media, Education, and Digital Technology

Coming into this class, I was interested in technology and social media, but also quite skeptical. Over the course of the semester, my view has changed, becoming more optimistic about the future of social media, education, and the workplace. Professor Kane was right in his TED Talk we watched at the beginning of the semester […]

How MLB’s Digital Strategy is Changing the Game

This week, I will look at how Major League Baseball’s digital strategy is helping it appeal to a new generation of fans. By traditional measures, baseball appears to be decreasing in popularity, especially among the younger demographic, with a large number of TV viewers over 55 years old and Little League participation rates falling. However, this […]

Big Data, Analytics, and the Future of Baseball

Following our class last week on data and analytics, I wanted to take a look at how analytics and other innovations are changing the game of baseball. Major League Baseball has always been data-driven, with statistics easier to record than other sports and longer seasons creating large datasets ripe for analysis.  Data has become even […]

Tweet the Mets: A Season Defined by Social Media

With the New York Mets heading to the World Series, I wanted to reflect back on their season and the impact social media has had on it. I have been a Mets fan my whole life and almost every season have been told to “wait till next year,” but they finally have had a season to […]

Social Media as a Forum for Discussion and Authenticity

In my last post, I took a look at the downsides of social media and its detrimental effects, such as the pressure to be perfect and the anxiety that can result. This week, I will talk about how social media can be used to start discussions about important issues such as these and challenge the stereotypes […]

Social Media, Mental Health, and the Pressure of Perfection

This week, I am going to take a look at the culture of perfection and comparing oneself to others that social media promotes, particularly among college students, as well as its detrimental effects. In today’s society, students feel pressure to be perfect in all arenas including academics, extracurriculars, and socializing, which is only exacerbated by […]

Technology and Social Media – Harnessing its Power and Addressing its Deficiencies

The topic of technology and its influence on society has always fascinated me. I am inspired by the positive impact companies like Apple, Facebook, and Twitter have had on so many people’s lives, but at the same time, I am troubled by the negative effects social media and technology in general have had on personal […]