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Social Media & Me

Prior to joining this class, my knowledge of social media and awareness of it’s influence on my life was limited.  Yes, I had a Facebook account, perused Instagram daily, had my resume on LinkedIn, and communicated through emails. However, social media seemed to be an activity that I selected to participate in, rather not something […]

Badges for Learning: Gamification and Education

After yesterday’s class discussion on gamification and it’s potential in the education space, I decided to learn more. My quest to learn more is driven by pure curiosity, my experience as an AmeriCorps member in the public school system, and my public policy studies in education. Gamification in the business space: I’ve learned that gamification […]

Social media in the bedroom…?

Hula is about “user empowerment and behavioral change.” -Creator Ramin Bastani As we all know, there are apps for just about everything, directions, dating, games, music, etc.  There’s also a free app for STD testing.  How might an app assist you with STD testing you ask? Well, Hula (previously known as, allows you to compare […]

Cyberbullying: Who’s to blame?

Cyberbullying is the act of bullying through the internet and social media platforms.  While this topic is not new, its effects are pervasive and continuing to  harm America’s youth. While perusing the news recently, I came across an article about a young girl who committed suicide in Florida after being bullied constantly both in school […]

“You can feel sore tomorrow or you can feel sorry tomorrow:” Social Media’s Influence on My Fitness Lifestyle

After completing my undergraduate degree, I transitioned from a flexible schedule to the life of a busy graduate student in school full time, interning during the day and waitressing at night.  Suddenly, I had no time to dedicate to working out and maintaining my fitness was becoming a challenge. As someone who not only looks […]

Anger & Twitter: two words that go hand and hand

Twitter is the perfect platform for reactive and in-the-moment statements.  This has been seen as people comment on news events, awards shows, celebrities, and anything else they encounter in their day. The 140 character limit provided by Twitter allows for individuals to quickly form one sentence to express their current emotion, leaving lots of room […]

Abridged Timeline of Social Media in My Life

10 years old Social Media first made an impression on my life in the 5th grade when my parents allowed me to sign up for an AOL account.  As a ten year old this was quite a big deal, as I now had access to my own email account and screen name, which was eloquently […]