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Those We’re Leaving Behind

Disclaimer: The statements in this post are not generalizations; many people with intellectual disabilities are still able to perform highly at technologically based jobs. Additionally, this post is not intended to discount the numerous intellectual abilities that people with intellectual disabilities do have. This past weekend, I got a text on my phone from a […]

A Clean Slate

For many of us, our social media profiles have been cultivated since those awkward middle school years, filled with highly saturated, peace-sign photos with angsty, Avril Lavigne lyric captions. While some of us decided this content was far too embarrassing to keep online into adulthood, many of us still hold these memories in the archives […]

Game of Phones

The greatest tragedy of modern time: no more “upgrades”. Okay, I’m being dramatic, but we all remember the collapse of the traditional wireless phone contract, equipped with two-year upgrades and access to the latest smartphones at a fraction of the price. Yes, this is old news, but its impact on the digital world, smartphone development, […]

Diaries of My Weekly Screen Time

After months of getting that pesky and persistent notification demanding I update to the latest version of iOS, it took a completely shattered screen, a $160 trip to an off-brand repair center, and an unhelpful phone call with Apple support requiring me to reset my system to to finally get it done. Like all iOS […]