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Tech at the Table: Friend or Foe?

Social Media in the Restaurant Industry After a viral article earlier this year saying that customers’ use of social media caused long restaurant wait times, the Internet was abuzz with articles proclaiming the negative use of smartphones during the dining experience. In retaliation, several other articles came out denying the negatives and proclaiming the positives social […]

Wearable Fitness in the Social Age

The Wearable Fitness Craze With one in ten Americans over 18 owning some sort of activity tracker, wearable fitness devices are gaining significant popularity and are the newest necessity for your everyday life. An industry forecaster has forecasted that sales of wearable technology will grow from $8.6 billion in 2012 to nearly $30 billion by […]

Equinox Made Me Do It

Equinox prides itself on delivering fitness and wellness to those individuals who lead a “high performance life” and their social media channels play quite nicely into promoting just that.

Happy 4th Birthday Instagram!

As Instagram diehards gathered in person to take part in the platform’s 10th world-wide InstaMeet this last weekend, over 30,000 photos were shared on Saturday with the hashtag, #WWIM10. The purpose of these meet ups is to bring the social aspect of Instagram alive by engaging users worldwide in face-to-face gatherings. From San Francisco to Iran, […]

Social Media for the Sick: Doctors, Patients, and me…oh my!

While ingesting what I would later learn to be a “dangerous” amount of medicated cough drops, my first blog post became suddenly clear… It was Tuesday night when after having had a terrible fever and sore throat, odd red bump like blisters began showing up on my hands and feet. Alarmed and concerned, I did […]

Social Media: Conflict of Interest

My existence online began when I got my first email account and AOL screen name. Upon being prompted to choose a screen name, I immediately chose Megtheleg—a major life regret ever since. My next, more mature endeavor with social media in which I went by my actual name was Facebook. I remember making my profile, creating […]

Test Post

Testing out the blog!